Biostatistical Consulting for Clinical Trials

Our primary area of expertise is clinical trials, and we focus on Biostatistical problems whose solutions do not fit within usual paradigms. If you are looking for consulting regarding a non-routine situation, or desire a novel solution to what seems like a more typical question, then definitely contact BiostatHaven Inc.

Edward Lakatos, President of BiostatHaven Inc, provides custom services that rely heavily on his extensive experience in clinical trial statistics, both in the Pharmaceutical Industry and at the NIH. In over 25 years of experience in clinical trials, Ed has consistently provided innovative and fresh solutions to both common and uncommon problems.

Ed strengths, reflected by an outstanding research record at the NIH, the nation's premier health organization, and a strong track record of over a decade as a leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry, form the foundation of BiostatHaven Inc's consulting services. In the Pharmaceutical Industry he participated in many important NDA submissions. In addition to extensive interactions with the FDA and with Senior Management at pharmaceutical companies, he has participated in many data monitoring committee meetings, representing the NIH and pharmaceutical companies. Ed is an elected fellow of the ASA.

Statistical Software Development

In 2005, BiostatHaven Inc was awarded a Small Business Innovative Research grant from the NIH, with Ed serving as Principal Investigator. Under this grant, BiostatHaven Inc created the innovative statistical software package STOPP®. STOPP® includes many of Ed's contributions to statistical methodology, and represents a dramatic advance over all competing software.